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Would you like to learn crochet cast-on?

April 13, 2022

Would you like to learn crochet cast-on?

A crochet cast on has many uses! As well as a sturdy cast on edge, it also can be used as a provisional cast-on.

You don't need to know how to crochet to work a crochet cast-on, you just need a crochet hook of a similar size to the needle you will be using.

I love learning new techniques whilst making a project. It's great to practice first, but I find using your newly acquired skill in an actual project is so satisfying!

Crochet cast-on is used for the Slingo Wristwarmers. You use the contrast colour for the cast-on and it gives a really polished start to your wristwarmers. 

You can find the kit here.

Another kit using the crochet cast-on is the Yarn Tasting Twist cowl. I choose it for this design as it gave a really beautiful transition to the 1x1 twisted rib and a nice firm edge which matches the firmness of the first basket weave texture.

Close up of Yarn Tasting Twist cowl crochet cast-on edge

You can find Yarn Tasting Twist Cowl kits here.

Crochet cast-on is a great option for for a provisional cast-on, this is used when you want to join the beginning and end of your knitted piece together. It's really quite satisfying unravelling the edge and seeing the stitches pop to life!

A provisional cast-on is used on the CabooseWay Cowl, an added bonus is that you'll get to practice your kitchener stitch too! (I hope you see that as a bonus lol)


There's videos to show you how to unravel your crochet cast-on and work your kitchener stitch, so with this kit you can learn and practice even more techniques. 

See all the colours for CabooseWay cowl here.




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