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Mohair is here

January 27, 2023

Mohair is here

Mohair is here!


70% Kid mohair/ 30% silk, naturally dyed of course, and caked ready for you to knit!

Using Twist skein dyeing, indigo, hand painting and air brush techniques to create these 7 colours for you to choose from.

I have a deep love for mohair, I love holding it double with a fingering weight yarn, which is why I made the size of the cakes to match the yardage of the 100g pure merino fingering cakes. In each cake you get 351m/ 383y of mohair/ silk delight, and you don't have to wind it before you start!

I recommend using the cake from the outside of the skein, I haven't tried using it as a centre pull but I suspect that wouldn't be ideal.

Mermaid Mohair


The first colour I want to introduce to you is one you may already know about, Mermaid, as how could I dye a new yarn without including my Mermaid colour?!

Rebecca wearing a sweater

I used Mermaid mohair held double with Agata to make this classic top down raglan (Ravelry link) by Joji Locatelli. I chose this sweater design as I love the round neck line, and it's a simple design which shows off the mohair so well. It's quite hard for the photos to do it justice! (But if you'd like to see it in person, I have it at Baaad Rabbits Fibre Arts store in New West!)


Mermaid is first twist dyed with Indigo, and then sprinkled with all the colours! Weld, (yellow) Myrobalan (soft yellow) Lac (burgundy) Lac+Iron (dark burgundy) Cochineal (pink/ purple) Cochineal+cream of tartar (bright pink) Logwood (purple). I make sure some of the yellows are applied on top of the indigo to achieve greens.

Sugar Plum Fairy

I couldn't dye a new colour collection without a yellow and pink one!

Sugar Plum Fairy is first twist dyed in Weld, and then hand painted with more weld, cochineal+cream of tartar and myrobalan+ iron.



Ophelia mohair

Ophelia is twist dyed in Indigo, overdyed in weld, and then hand painted with logwood.



Forest Fairy Mohair

Forest Fairy is twist dyed in Indigo, overdyed in my 'mud soup' consisting of marigold, pomegranate and logwood, then hand painted with a blend of weld and madder for the orange, and cutch+iron for the rusty browns.



Neptune mohair

Neptune was dyed in Indigo and hand painted with logwood and lac.



Rainbow cloud mohair

 You may know how much I love rainbows! Rainbow Cloud is Twist dyed in Indigo and then hand painted with the colours of the rainbow using weld, madder and lac.



Titania mohair

I had a lot of fun dyeing Titania as I used my new air brush, with lac, madder, and logwood.


The pure merino fingering collection has been stocked so you can take a look at some pairings! If you'd like help choosing a colour to match your mohair, let me know. I have some swatches and recommendations I can share with you.


The Mohair collection is a limited release, it won't be something I dye too frequently. The colours won't necessarily be repeated as I do like to experiment with new options. I will be dyeing up these new colours on another base though as I know mohair isn't for everyone.

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