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Online Knittng and crochet lessons

Recent finsihed knits from my students

Knit City Mini

WildWestDye will be out in the wild with Knit City this October.

Join me at PNE in Vancouver on October 2nd-3rd.

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Feathery Reflection class

Feathery Reflection shawl is a unique lace design, not only mirror matched from the centre spine but also reversible.

You will learn all the increases and decreases required to complete this shawl during the four week class. We will make the practice swatch together, cast on the folded band and ensure you are comfortable working the shawl design during the classes.

If you'd like to make the shawl using WildWestDye's yarn, you'll need 6 x CakeQuarters aka 150g from the Naturally dyed silk merino sport collection 

This 4 week project class starts Wednesday October 6th from 6pm-7.30pm PDT.

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Brioche Star hat class

Learn how to work two colour brioche in the round along with the beautiful brioche star stitch.

We will add a stockinette rolled border to the edge and I will show you the alternative decrease technique for a cleaner finish.

If you'd like to make this in WildWestDye's yarn, you'll need 2 x CakeQuarters of each colour (50g) from the naturally dyed soft DK pure merino collection.

Next class starts Saturday November 13th, 10.30-12pm PDT for 4 weeks via Zoom.

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Beginner's knitting class

I love teaching beginners how to knit, in this class you will learn how to cast on, knit, purl and cast off whilst making cowl or wristwarmer.

You will learn the fundamentals of how knitted fabric is made and what happens when you knit or purl on the 'right' or 'wrong' side.

Next class starts Tuesday October 5th from 6-7pm PDT via Zoom for 4 weeks.

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Magic loop & eyelet class

Learn how to use magic loop whilst making SpinYouRound wristwarmers by WildWestDye.

Designed for advanced beginners this is a fun way to learn how to magic loop whilst working a bias knit pattern with yarn over's and decreases so the wristwarmer spirals around your arms.

If you'd like to make the shawl using WildWestDye's yarn, you'll need 2 x CakeQuarters aka 50g from the Naturally dyed soft fingering collection. This sample uses GoldStar.

Next class starts Sunday October 12th from 10.30-12pm PDT via Zoom for 3 weeks.

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Fair Isle and Skeeking Class

Is steeking on your "learn to do wish list" but feeling a little daunted by this technique, you are not alone!

Taking a pair of scissors to your knitting can feel scary, especially if it is on a whole sweater!   Fear not, over the two sessions you will be guided through two handed Fair Isle, how to catch your weaves confidently and not tangle your yarn!  In the second session you will cover picking up stitches, button bands and STEEK! 

This is a 2 part class is available in October:

Saturday October 23rd & 30th from 10.30-12.30pm PDT via Zoom.

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Fibre Love Affair

Fibre Love Affair, a free online virtual market based here in Vancouver.

Save the date! They'll be live virtual shows coming to your screen on October 30 & 31st and November 6 & 7th.

Make sure you've signed up for Fibre Love Affiar's newsletter to receive the virtual show event link and password.

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Next Step beginners Hat class

This class was designed for new-ish knitters who would like to make their first hat.

In this class you further learn how to read your knitting whilst working the seed stitch rib cuff and make decreases for the crown.

If you'd like to make this hat using WildWestDye's yarn, you'll need 4 x CakeQuarters aka 100g from the Naturally dyed soft Bulky collection. This sample uses Aquarius.

Next class starts Wednesday December 1st from 6-7.30pm PDT via Zoom for 2 weeks.

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