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Scotch Broom Crop by Wool and Pine

May 02, 2021

Scotch Broom Crop by Wool and Pine

A new yarn available in CakeQuarters deserves a new top to be made! When I saw the lace stitch on the Scotch Broom Crop by Wool an Pine, designed for hand dyed singles yarn my eyes grew wide!

I've been asked if Singles yarn is a good yarn choice for a top, as by nature it's weaker than plyed yarn, as the base available from WildWestDye has 10% silk this naturally adds strength to the yarn. 

Knitted from the top down, there are great videos provided for the knitted icord cast on, and the broom stitch to help you along your way.

The designers recommend a 2"- 8" positive ease from your fullest bust measurement but also note that no ease or negative ease also looks great if that's your preference. I have a 34" bust and made the 34" size - so no ease for my version.

I used TuttiFrutti, made the recommended length and used about 440m, if you want to add length to yours let me know and I can help you work out the additional yardage required.  

Naturally dyed soft singles, 75% merino/ 15% cashmere/ 10% silk has only been available as part of The WhisperingShore shawl kit for some time, and I'm excited to now offer this yarn in CakeQuarters too. Lots of pink tones are available inspired by Spring vibes!

Nine cakes of yarn


If you'd like to make a Scotch Broom Crop top too here are the CakeQuarter requirements you'll need: 

Finsihed Bust Pattern requirement Cake Quarters Meters
30" 365m 4 395m
34" 457m 5 493m
38" 512m 6 592m
42" 550m 6 592m
46" 662m 7 691m
50" 668m 7 691m
54" 695m 8 790m
58" 750m 8 790m
62" 805m 9 888m
66" 860m 9 888m
70" 1005m 11 1086m


Any questions? Feel free to contact me here.

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