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May 23, 2022


RodeoDream shawl is designed to be made with a semi-solid and sprinkle yarn in WildWestDye’s naturally dyed soft fingering 2ply pure merino and soft singles merino/ cashmere/ silk.

You can knit until you run out of yarn - instructions mention which row or rows you can end on. The reversible design and size means you can wear the shawl in a multitude of ways.

Using WildWestDye’s favourite stockinette edging, you start with a stockinette tab border and off you go.

Person wearing RodeoDream shawl with close up of yarn in the background picture


The first texture is a garter stripe with the 2ply and a stockinette stripe with the singles yarn, a simple yet satisfying knit.

Next up in only the 2ply merino is a stockinette/ reverse stockinette stripe with eyelets - a design which looks the same on both sides.

The third texture, the ‘lasso’ is worked with the singles yarn only, an all over eyelet, which again, looks the same on both sides.

You finish the shawl with an Icelandic bind-off, perfect for open lace and the edge itself matches the lasso texture perfectly.

Three knitted textures of RodeoDream

Big thanks to my test knitters

Person sat on bench wearing RodeoDream in SunsetTwist

RodeoDream in SunsetTwist.

Photo credit: Liesl Steiner (Thank-you Liesl)

RodeoDream in LavenderTwist on a fence

RodeoDream in LavenderTwist

Photo credit: Christine Horowitz (Thank-you Christine)

RodeoDream in TornadoTwist on a bush

RodeoDream in TornadoTwist

Photo credit: Janice Miller (Thank-you Janice)

Skills required: 

Stockinette tab border

Knit front and back

Making yarn overs

Icelandic bind-off


Adventurous beginners and up can make this shawl and there are a collection of YouTube videos if you need to learn any of the skills required.


The icelandic bind off is a really nice bind off, it's the first time I've used it myself in a design, and I can see me using it again for sure. 

Two yarns, two colours, three textures and multiple ways to wear, here is what some of my test knitters said about making the shawl:


'The yarn is beautiful and made a soft and beautiful scarf. The pattern was fun to knit and the variation of stitches kept it interesting, which is needed as there is a lot of stitches.'


'I have completed the shawl and I love it!'  


'This is a gorgeous shawl that doubles as a scarf. It can be worn throughout 4 seasons. It is an easy knit with excellent pattern instructions.' 


You will receive in your RodeoDream shawl kit:

  • 1 x 100g/ 338m/ 346y Naturally dyed 2ply pure merino fingering weight yarn.
  • 1 x 100g/ 395m/ 431y Naturally dyed soft singles merino/ cashmere/ silk fingering weight yarn
  • Delivered as a cake, ready to knit

Instant download digital pattern.

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