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Rattlesnake Sweater

September 21, 2020

Woman wearing hand knitted hat, cowl, sweater and wristwarmers

Another fabulous sweater by Knitosophy. You can purchase the pattern through Ravelry or on her website.

Knitted from the top down, there are eight rows of 3 colour knitting, but the rest is 2 colour. I really love the texture added to the cactus. I was so excited when I saw this design, perfect for the Cowboy lover I am. 

This was knitted in Naturally dyed soft DK pure merino as follows:

Main Colour: PrairieCanyon, CC1 (cactus) Florest, CC2: GrandCanyon, CC3: Scrumpkin

If you'd like to make one too, check your size below to find out how many CakeQuarters to purchase. Designed to fit with 2-4" / 5-10cm of positive ease - I always recommend you measure a top you like the fit of and select the size closest to that.

BuckingHorse would also be a beautiful option for the Main Colour. If you would like to see some options photographed together, contact me here

Please check the quantities required in the pattern compared to the CakeQuarter quantity to make sure you are happy with that amount too.

Size 1: 30.75" / 77cm finished bust

Size 1  Pattern requirement Cake Quarters Meters
MC 290m 6 338m
Colour 1 185m 4 225m
Colour 2 69m 2 113m
Colour 3 119m 3 169m

Size 2: 36" / 90cm finished bust

Size 2 Pattern requirement Cake Quarters Meters
MC 353m 7 394m
Colour 1 225m 5 281m
Colour 2 84m 2 113m
Colour 3 144m 3 169m

Size 3: 39.5" / 99cm finished bust

Size 3 Pattern requirement Cake Quarters Meters
MC 405m 8 450m
Colour 1 259m 5 281m
Colour 2 97m 2 113m
Colour 3 165m 4 225m

Size 4: 42.75" / 107cm finished bust

Size 4 Pattern requirement Cake Quarters Meters
MC 453m 9 506m
Colour 1 290m 6 338m
Colour 2 107m 3 169m
Colour 3 185m 4 225m

Size 5: 48" / 120cm finished bust

Size 5 Pattern requirement Cake Quarters Meters
MC 522m 10 563m
Colour 1 334m 7 394m
Colour 2 123m 3 169m
Colour 3 214m 5 281m

Size 6: 51.5" / 129cm finished bust

Size 6 Pattern requirement Cake Quarters Meters
MC 579m 11 619m
Colour 1 371m 7 394m
Colour 2 137m 3 169m
Colour 3 237m 5 281m

Size 7: 54.75" / 137cm finished bust

Size 7 Pattern requirement Cake Quarters Meters
MC 640m 12 675m
Colour 1 409m 8 450m
Colour 2 150m 3 169m
Colour 3 262m 5 281m

Size 8: 60" / 150cm finished bust

Size 8 Pattern requirement Cake Quarters Meters
MC 724m 14 788m
Colour 1 463m 9 506m
Colour 2 171m 4 225m
Colour 3 295m 6 338m

Size 9: 63.5" / 159cm finished bust

Size 9 Pattern requirement Cake Quarters Meters
MC 779m 15 844m
Colour 1 499m 10 563m
Colour 2 183m 4 225m
Colour 3 318m 6 338m

Size 10: 66.75" / 167cm finished bust

Size 10 Pattern requirement Cake Quarters Meters
MC 845m 16 900m
Colour 1 541m 10 563m
Colour 2 200m 4 225m
Colour 3 344m 7 394m

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