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Worsted Weight Conversion Chart

 Quantity Weight in gms Meterage  Weight in oz Yardage
1 25g 42m 0.880z 46y
2 50g 85m 1.7oz 93y
3 75g 127m 2.6oz 139y
4 100g 170m 3.5oz 186y
5 125g 212m 4.4oz 231y
6 150g 255m 5.2oz 278y
7 175g 297m 6.1oz 324y
8 200g 340m 7oz 371y
9 225g 382m 7.9oz 417y
10 250g 425m 8.7oz 464y
11 275g 467m 9.6oz 510y
12 300g 510m 10.5oz 557y
13 325g 552m 11.5oz 603y
14 350g 595m 12.3oz 650y
15 375g 637m 13.2oz 696y
16 400g 680m 14.1oz 743y
17 425g 722m 15oz 789y
18 450g 765m 15.9oz 836y
19 475g 807m 16.8oz 882y
20 500g 850m 17.6oz 929y